High pressure water pumps are selected based on the factors affecting the performance and application of the pumps.

Pressure – The pressure is termed to denote the amount of kinetic energy that can be transferred to the discharge water. The discharge water is pressurized as per the application required. For cleaning applications, the water is pressurized to 3000psi to 5000psi. For cutting applications, they are ultra-high pressurized in the pressure ranges of 30000psi to 50000psi.

Flow rate – the amount of water to be pumped in certain time. We must find the flow rate of the pump to pressurize the water to the desired level. It is denoted in units of Volume per unit time and measured as Gallons per minute(GPM).

Power supply – We must select a suitable motor with power ratings to pump the high-pressure water. The power rating of the motor depends on the capacity, flow rate, and the pressure range. The power is expressed in terms of Horsepower(HP). The pumps are powered by the electrical, gasoline, pneumatic or hydraulic power source.

Tubing and supply lines – The tubing and discharge pipe must withstand the high-pressure water flowing through it. Normal tubing will not withstand in these high-pressure pumps. Special reinforced high-pressure tubing with a wire mesh of three to four layers are used for tubing in the high pressure pumps. The tubing must be rated with more pressure than the discharge pressure of the water to maintain safety.

Filter system – Usually, the inlet of the pump is provided with a filter to remove the unwanted dirt and solid molecules. The dirt or debris affect the performance of the pump. They cause damage to the working surface if mixed with the high-pressure water jet at the discharge.

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